Our collective experience is a key factor.

Organisports offers strategic advice to managers of sports organizations, cities and governments. Our services combine the credibility and the knowledge needed to help our clients manage the potential risks involved in any major event undertaking. We have over 25 years of hands-on experience in direct management of sports events and planning.

We specialize in:


Sports event bidding: Production of business plans including detailed budgets, bidding documents and bid coordination activities;

Sports strategy consulting: Production of marketing strategies, operations manuals, venue operations manuals and quarterly and final reports and event management;

Venues/Stadia: Identification of the infrastructure and temporary installation needs.

Our niche is multi-faceted yet coherently and simply defined
Our team of business consultants works on sports assignments, bringing unparalleled operational, financial, regulatory, marketing and general business knowledge from major sports and other pertinent areas to efficiently and realistically respond to your needs. We deliver state-of-the-art service and knowledge-based advice in financial/business disciplines across the whole geographical/sporting spectrum.

What makes Organisports so successful?
Our focused, senior consulting team is made up of highly qualified professionals. They work as a part of the client group team, relying on both their experience and analytical ability to develop creative and pragmatic solutions. Organisports is a partner of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance.

Organisports has developed specialized expertise and work tools which will help you make your event a success. We bring innovative thinking about the industry when we work with you, our clients. We understand the complex stakeholder map involved and the business imperatives facing individual clients and have a unique focus on value creation.

Recent major event mandates concluded or in progress:

2017 & 2005 FINA World Championships;

2017 World Police and Fire Games;

2017, 2015, 2013 FISU Games;

2017, 2013 & 2009 Canada Summer Games;

2015 Pan-American Athletics Championships;

2014 Master Winter Games;

2010 IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics;

2008 CARHA Hockey World Cup;

2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup;

2003 IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics;

2001 IAAF World Championships in Athletics.


Introducing our starting line-up.

Éric Savard, Principal Associate, President & CEO and Founder

Éric Savard's background spans nearly a quarter century of events organization and administration. Since 1987, he has been involved in the co-ordination of major gatherings at the international level including work as an event manager in Monaco for a major international federation, for over 5 years. In recent years, he participated in the organization of over 150 events - more than 45 at the international level, and also served as advisor to over 35 different organizing committees. In addition, he has been in charge at one time or another of over 80 events as the General Manager or person responsible for a particular activity. Éric's skills and experience lie mainly in the area of strategic planning and budget development.

Marc Bernier, Associate

Marc Bernier's background spans some 40 years in sports, education and protocol organization and administration. A career university administrator and organizer of many different activities in various areas, he recently acted as Deputy Executive General Manager of the 3rd IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics - Sherbrooke 2003. His last assignment was as Executive Vice-President of the organizing committee of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Université de Sherbrooke. Marc brings a great deal of experience and ability to the elaboration of the necessary documentation and complementary activities of a well organized event, including the vital background knowledge of Canada's bilingualism and biculturalism personalities.


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