Production of business plans including detailed budgets, bidding documents and bid
coordination activities.

The risk associated with having erroneous resources at the bid phase can have a profound negative impact for the hosting community, causing not only financial problems but affecting the social, commercial and political life of the community itself.

To bid for and possibly host a small or a major single or multi-sports event, such as the Olympics or a World Cup or a World Championship, can be a complex, time-consuming process. The success of some recent events has demonstrated that while the planning process may be long, detailed studies and robust financial information are necessary in order to maximize the opportunities that events of this nature present to host cities and countries.

Host cities and countries must now not only also plan for the event itself but also to ensure that the potential legacy benefits, such as the social and economic impact, urban regeneration and increased media profile, are not only both identified beforehand but are and also maximized.

Our hands-on experience for the bidding and running of major events ensures that you will get the advice you need to run a successful bid campaign and then enjoy a successful event. We can help you in many ways.

  • Preparation of business plans including development of detailed financial budgets and models and risk analysis tools for bidding for sports events;
  • Preparation of the bid book;
  • Act as strategic adviser - a sounding board throughout the bid process;
  • Provide advice on venues/facilities to be developed;
  • Feasibility and economic impact studies for staging sporting events;
  • Project management - of bid process; or of event preparation and project implementation following awarding of event.

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