Production of marketing strategies, operations manuals, venue operations manuals and quarterly and final reports.

Too often in the past, organizers have had to reinvent the wheel each and every time they have had to organize a new, non-recurring event. The search for the best tools, manuals and other procedures that worked well in the past for previous non-recurring events and activities is always difficult because organizing committees have a limited life to them, and before bringing their activities to a close, do not always take the care to properly classify their archives and entrust their preservation to an organization that will look after and manage them and render what they contain accessible to future organizing entities.

Thanks to its team of experienced professionals, Organisports has developed a particular and important expertise in the management of non-recurring events. Having participated at a senior level in some of the largest international sports events ever held in Canada, the Organisports team of professionals can help the firm's clients benefit from their individual and collective experience and collected data. Thanks to the knowledge acquired, maintained and enhanced from the holding of previous events, Organisports can guarantee a smooth transfer of knowledge to the organizers of your event. With this help you have no need to reinvent the wheel yet again in your quest for the cost-effective efficiency of your particular project. Organisports can make available to you provide you with all the winning tools that have shown their mettle in the past and adapt them to your event, taking into account its particular characteristics. This means that you will only have to concentrate your efforts on the application of these tools and manuals and make a success of your event.

Among other things, Organisports can also offer direct consulting services to your management team from the moment that you are officially granted the event, until the deposit of the final report. If you so wish, Organisports can assume the direction of your organizing committee by assigning the most appropriate mutually agreed upon professional resource to respond to your needs and expectations, a person who could also work as general manager for your event under the supervision of Organisports.


  • Commercial and strategic advice to leading governing bodies, federations, leagues, clubs, encompassing various sports industries;
  • Event planning, creation or restructuring;
  • Production of operations manuals;
  • Production of venue operations manuals;
  • Production of marketing strategies;
  • Production of quarterly and final reports;
  • Data base of skilled human resources;
  • Data base of required equipm ent;
  • Management and event organization.

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