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How to access the Business Plan Template

If you are a member of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) you have access to the template free of charge. Files are available on the CSTA web site. CSTA members will receive a password from the CSTA. If you have questions regarding the business plan you can contact us at or call at (242) 577-0867 or (647) 932-6781.

If you are not a member of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) you can contact us at or call at (242) 577-0867 or (647) 932-6781 in order to buy this product.

Organisports can offer provide, on demand, to adapt the an adaptation of the business plan and budget plan for your event for a negotiated fee. For more information contact Organisports.

Sports event business plan template and budget software

Officially launched on June 1, 2004, the Business Plan Template for Hosting a Sports Event is a product of the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance and available to its membership. Developed in partnership with Organisports, the Business Plan Template is a cutting-edge tool for bidding or organizing committees that seek to set out a comprehensive business plan with a view to hosting a sports event at the regional, provincial, national or international level. Comprised of a Microsoft Word file and a budget structure presented in Microsoft Access format, the template supplies all the necessary information and work tools needed to prepare a complete business plan and budget for the proposed event.

The Business Plan Template can be adapted to sports events at the:

  • Regional and Provincial/State level
  • National level
  • International level

Our proposed solution is innovative and will give you an edge with the help of two hands-on, simple and effective work documents:

  • Business Plan Template*
    • Gives you a structure to develop your business plan;
    • You can adapt it to your event type;
    • You just have to delete what you do not need for your event.
  • Budget Plan Template*
    • Produces a budget, with a proposed budget structure.** You just have to delete what you do not need for your event;
    • Restructures the budget in a variety of configurations in order to generate specific reports;
    • Creates a budget follow-up process including cash flow, purchase order and invoice listings;
    • Transfers the data to an accounting software program.
  • Table of Contents*

* Note: Prior to downloading additional information, the user must indicate his or her name, title, company name, telephone number, e-mail ad dress and website addresses.

** Note: For recurring events you can download your existing budget structure.

Buy using this tool you are managing your risk and giving yourself the resources to leave a positive legacy.

Why develop a business plan?

The Business Plan Template will provide you with a good understanding of the event that you intend to bid for. It will also provide a number of strategic planning documents which will improve the efficiency of your organization and provide critical value for the eventual success of the event. It will save you for a major event up to one year in strategic planning for a major event. It will also help you:

  • To identify the best structure for the organizing committee;
  • To have a strategic plan for the event which takes into consideration all the different organizational steps;
  • To know and understand the human, equipment and financial resources necessary to successfully host an event;
  • To have an exact idea of the organizational costs of the event as well as the potential revenues;
  • To identify the detailed contributions in cash and value-in-kind of the various stakeholders in order to have a successful event;
  • To identify if the existing infrastructures are sufficient to host the event;
  • To identify the legacies that the event should generate.

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